Rearing Rabbits and Tortoises in Early Years

18th June 2024

At Braeside Thika, we recognize the immense value of incorporating animals such as tortoises and rabbits into our early year’s program. These adorable creatures are far more than just companions, but also invaluable educational assets, nurturing responsibility, curiosity, emotional well-being, respect and communication skills among our young learners.

Through hands-on interaction with our furry and shelled friends, the early years children develop a profound sense of accountability and empathy as they care for these gentle beings. Watching the unique behaviours of tortoises and rabbits ignites curiosity and fosters critical thinking in our children. Our gentle interactions with these animals lay the groundwork for fostering respect for all living beings, promoting responsible citizenship and environmental stewardship among our students.

As the children care for them, they are learning about animal behaviour and habitats and develop a profound connection to the natural world. In addition the creativity that blossoms when they draw, tell stories, or pretend to be animals themselves is simply priceless!

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