Our Community

At Braeside Thika, we are proud of our cosmopolitan and diverse student and parent bodies.  We have over diverse nationalities and cultures represented, which makes for an eclectic and interesting group of people.

Internationalism at BTH

Whilst recognizing and enjoying celebration the 4 Fs of Multi-Culturalism; Flags, Fashion, Foods and Festivals at BTH we embrace the full meaning of internationalism as we emphasise the meaning of positivity, tolerance, open mindedness and cooperation. Through assemblies and activities with themes such as International Francophone Day, World Holocaust Memorial Day, International Mother Tongue Language Day, Charles Darwin Day, World Book Day and World Environment Day amongst many others we ensure all our community are respectful of each other’s beliefs and understandings.

Through this our children learn to respect and appreciate the differences between our many cultures, traditions and beliefs through lessons and each other.

It follows that a lot of our parents come from all over the world; for some it is Braeside has a strong community ethos, where we actively encourage our parents and guardians to become part of the Braeside family, forging friendships that will last across the miles and years.

FABT (Friends at Braeside Thika)

All parents are encouraged to join FABT or at least to attend their many successful events. Whether you have just moved to the area or have always lived in the Thika area FABT helps all families and friends join together to have as much fun as possible! Through organising Movie Nights, Jazz Evenings, Fun Days, Family Picnics and Dinner and Dances FABT ensures that families get to know each other and get a chance to unwind together.

Additionally FABT is supportive of our Student Council who help to raise money for our local community.


Braeside Thika regularly has events for the families of our community.  We celebrate Diwali, Christmas and other traditional festivals, we hold International/Cultural Days and Family Picnics, Tea Time Concerts as well as Celebrating World Music Day with a concert and Art Exhibition, Braeside Got Talent and Fashion Shows, to say nothing of various sporting and charity events throughout the year, and of course, the popular FABT organised movie nights.

Tea Time Concerts

Confidence is important when it comes to performing and so to give every child an opportunity we hold termly Tea Time Concerts allowing pupils at every stage of their musical journeys to perform and demonstrate their progress. Additionally in term 3 we celebrate World Music Day with a special Tea Time Concert as well as an Art Exhibition allowing for a pleasant celebration of BTH talents.


In addition to correspondence from school, we also have an Events newsletter, which keeps you up to date with upcoming events and activities throughout the year.  We encourage you to follow our Facebook page and utilise the website for additional information about Braeside.

Moving to a new country, home and school can be a daunting exercise, but as part of the Braeside community we are there to help you make the transition as pleasant and happy as possible, giving you platforms to make friends and make your integration into Nairobi life more complete.  After all, a happy family ensures we have happy children.  Welcome to the Braeside experience!

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Tea time concert
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