Observing a seed grow: A journey of resilience

2nd March 2024

In the quiet confines of soil, a seed embarks on a remarkable journey—a journey of resilience and evolution. From the moment it is nestled into the earth, a seed carries within it the promise of life, unfolding through stages of growth that symbolises nature's enduring cycle.

The year 2 children were able to go on this remarkable journey through a scientific enquiry they have been carrying out. The children were eager to note the daily changes occurring in the plant. They witnessed the process of germination as the shoot emerged from the ground reaching towards the sky. The children kept watering the plant daily ensuring it had just enough of what it needed to grow forth.

As the shoot emerged the children were able to observe the roots extending downwards, anchoring the seedling to the soil. This made the children fascinated as they could see the whitish roots making connections in the soil.

What about a fair test? Well, the children also observed another seed planted without water and they noticed that there was no change at all to this seed. Their conclusion then was that seeds need water to grow.

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