Nurturing Young Readers: The Joy of Reading in Early Years Education

6th July 2024

At Braeside Thika, we believe that the introduction of reading in Early years Education is crucial for setting children on the path to lifelong learning and success. We have seen the evidence of how early exposure to reading helps children develop language skills by expanding their vocabulary and understanding of sentence structure. Reading stimulates brain development, enhancing cognitive skills such as memory, concentration and critical thinking. Children who read regularly are better equipped to process and understand new information

Reading stories helps children understand and manage their emotions by exposing them to different situations and perspectives. It also promotes empathy and social skills as children learn their characters and their experiences. Books open up a new world for children sparking their imagination and creativity.

At BTH FS1 class, reading is a daily activity. The classroom includes a reading corner where children can choose books they enjoy reading on their own. This inviting space is one of the children’s favourite areas fostering a love for reading from an early age. Together we can create a strong foundation for lifelong learning and deep appreciation of books.

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