Excitement at Braeside Thika Esports Club

14th June 2024

The Esports Club at Braeside Thika School is full of excitement as students enjoy competitive video gaming. This club is not just about playing games; it’s about learning and growing together.

Teamwork is very important in the Esports Club. Students work together to plan strategies and help each other improve. This teamwork helps them trust each other and achieve their goals.

Coordination is another key skill. Players must work in sync during games, understanding their roles and moving together to win. This helps them learn how to cooperate and be effective team members.

Conflict resolution is also a big part of the club. When disagreements happen, students are taught to solve them calmly and respectfully. This creates a friendly and positive environment.

Respect for others is essential. Members learn to appreciate everyone’s efforts, celebrate wins together, and support each other through challenges.

The Esports Club at Braeside Thika School is a fun and supportive place where students can develop important life skills while enjoying their passion for gaming. It also serves as a great springboard for making games of the future.

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