Enhancing Student Engagement in Early Years

25th May 2024

At Braeside Thika, Early Years is a crucial period in a child’s development, laying the foundation for future learning and growth. Engaging young learners effectively during this stage can significantly enhance their cognitive, social and emotional development.

Early years engagement helps children develop foundational skills such as Literacy, Numeracy, and critical thinking. Activities designed to be both educational and entertaining encourage children to explore and learn.

For instance, reading stories aloud, playing number games and engaging in problem-solving activities enhance cognitive abilities and prepare children for formal schooling.

Engagement in early years education at Braeside Thika plays a pivotal role in shaping a child’s academic and social future. The benefits extend far beyond the early years, influencing educational attainment, social skills and emotional well-being throughout life. By investing in a quality early childhood program here at BTH, your child will have the opportunity to reach their full potential as a confident individual enjoying success

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